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There’s a battle brewing in the emerging space of personal, social media profile aggregation sites. For example, both about.me, a service of Aol, and DooID.Me (which also answers to DooID.com), an independent startup, offer users a convenient way to centralize their bios, create virtual business cards and gang their many social media streams — from Facebook to Google+ to Twitter to Flickr to YouTube to Tumblr, and so on — making it easier for your contacts to find and follow you all across the social web.

Both about.me and DooID offer similar website functions and features, with slightly different approaches to the user experience and the profile design tools they offer. At the time of this writing, however, DooID offers a wider array of more flexible features across the board — for design, content, links and functionality. Importantly, DooID also offers a well executed, mobile-optimized version with a QR code and a vCard downloader for convenient access and use on handheld devices. About.me does not yet appear to be geared for mobility.

How to choose? Why choose?

Like my approach to most other social media channels, I’m hedging bets by staking claims to both. Why not? They are free (at least for the basic functions). But the more flexible configuration and mobility factors compel me to adopt DooId over about.me as my personal page of choice.

Where do you net out?


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